Box Top Updates

Thank you to all the moms who helped clip and count box tops this year (Colleen Briglia, Melissa Helm, Wendy Thorne, Jess Rambo, Lynn Erk, Kristy Steier, Kathy Smith, Dawn Hammerstone, Paula Miller, Amy LaBella, Johanna Willis, Tracy Snyder, Amber Catanzaro, April Campbell, and Sharyn Wyatt)

We have a winner!  Mrs. Ansman’s class won a pizza party for collecting the most box tops this school year.

The Final Standings:

1st Place – Mrs. Ansman’s First Grade Class with 1,591 Box Tops
2nd Place – Mrs. Hull’s Second Grade Class with 1,255 Box Tops
3rd Place – Mrs. Recchia’s Fifth Grade Homeroom with 1,216 Box Tops
4th Place – Miss Crowley’s Fourth Grade Class with 986 Box Tops
5th Place – Mrs. Sabo’s Third Grade Class with 953 Box Tops

The Rest of the Totals:

Mrs. Boncher’s Kindergarten Class:  705
Miss Stocker’s Kindergarten Class:  169
Mrs. Moore’s First Grade Class:  640
Mrs. Ramsey’s Second Grade Class:  228
Mrs. Berkenstock’s Third Grade Class:  493
Mrs. Cyphers’ Fourth Grade Class:  945
Mr. Pecchia’s Fifth Grade Homeroom:  696
Mrs. Sebring’s Sixth Grade Homeroom:  25
Mr. Snyder’s Sixth Grade Homeroom:  11
Ms. Smith’s Seventh Grade Homeroom:  48
Mrs. LaBar’s Seventh Grade Homeroom:  241
Mrs. Nollstadt’s Seventh Grade Homeroom:  165
Mrs. Edwards’ Eighth Grade Homeroom:  131
Mrs. Gentzle’s Eighth Grade Homeroom:  129

Check your child’s backpack for a summer collection sheet to submit in the fall.

Seeking 2016-2017 Committee Chairs

Please consider volunteering to serve as a committee chair for the upcoming school year. Open positions:

Fall fundraiser: Plan and organize our annual fall fundraiser.

Bylaws: Maintain an up-to-date copy of the bylaws, answer any bylaw questions. 

Special Programs: Plan and facilitate supplemental activities such as Red Ribbon Week, Stuck for a Buck, contests, etc.

Executive Board Nominating Committee: Organize a slate of nominees for the 2017-2019 Executive Board

Please contact Janna –, any board member, or current chair to find out more!

Board Members and Chairs

Ice Cream Social

Ice cream scooping volunteers are needed for the PTA’s Annual Ice Cream Social on May 18th and 19th. 
Grades 5-8 Wednesday 5/18 12:30-3pm Contact Tracy Sickels-Snyder

Grades K-4 Thursday 5/19, 1-3pm. Contact Melissa Helm

Box Top News

Thanks to all that made the collection sheet contest a success.  We collected over 1500 box tops.  Way to go, Pohat!

Mrs. Ansman’s class won the collection sheet contest with 17 sheets.

All box tops must be turned in by May 15th so that we have time to clip and count them before the May 25th pizza party deadline.

By the Numbers:

Mrs. Boncher’s Kindergarten Class – 496 box tops

Ms. Stocker’s Kindergarten Class – 169 box tops

Mrs. Ansman’s First Grade Class – 1550 box tops

Mrs. Moore’s First Grade Class – 478 box tops

Mrs. Hull’s Second Grade Class – 1176 box tops

Mrs. Ramsey’s Second Grade Class – 125 box tops

Mrs. Berkenstock’s Third Grade Class – 373 box tops

Mrs. Sabo’s Third Grade Class – 762 box tops

Miss Crowley’s Fourth Grade Class – 674 box tops

Mrs. Cyphers Fourth Grade Class – 873 box tops

Mr. Pecchia’s Fifth Grade Homeroom – 596 box tops

Mrs. Recchia’s Fifth Grade Homeroom – 193 box tops

Mrs. Sebring’s Sixth Grade Homeroom – 25 box tops

Mr. Snyder’s Sixth Grade Homeroom – 11 box tops

Mrs. LaBar’s Seventh Grade Homeroom – 231 box tops

Ms. Smith’s Seventh Grade Homeroom – 37 box tops

Mrs. Nollstadt’s Seventh Grade Homeroom – 165 box tops

Mrs. Edwards’ Eighth Grade Homeroom – 131 box tops

Mr. Gentzle’s Eighth Grade Homeroom – 129 box tops